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Donation: Please present my donation within the first ten minutes of meeting. If we are in public, pass it to me discretely in an unsealed envelope, a tasteful gift bag, or tucked into a book.

Cancellations: if you need to cancel our date, please let me know at least 24 hours ahead of time. If something comes up last minute, I will ask for 50% of my rate as a fee. Please note that I only accept cash donations. If you fail to respect my cancellation policy, I will unfortunately not see you in the future.

Communication: I like to spend as little time as possible looking at screens and as much time as possible face-to-face with interesting people. Please respect my time by limiting conversation outside of dates to logistical matters. If you want to spend more time chatting with me, let me know and we can figure out an arrangement that works for us both.

Boundaries: I can not feel at ease unless I feel respected. Please respect my boundaries at all times and feel assured that I will do the same. If you cross my boundaries at any moment I will terminate our session with no refund. My boundaries include:

  • explicit or lewd messages prior to our meeting
  •  attempts to negotiate my rate
  • requesting to engage in unsafe practices


Discretion: I value the discretion of my clients and respect for their privacy above all else. As such, I guarantee that all of our virtual communication will be reserved for my eyes only and used exclusively for screening purposes.